Who We Are

One World Artisans is a micro-enterprise group of diverse artisans from many refugee and immigrant communities, representing several different cultures. The project was setup to allow for these creative and talented artists to continue to pursue their traditional art forms and handicrafts within the United States, and earn supplemental income for their work.

At its inception, One World Artisans began by bringing micro-enterprise opportunities to resettled refugees in the Utica area, specifically from the Karen community, an ethnic group from Myanmar. The artisans from the Karen community produce their traditional textiles through the use of portable back-strap looms, which they work out of their homes in their spare time. They produce scarves, handbags and many other colorful and traditional clothing items.

Currently we are made up of artisans representing the Somali-Bantu community, Iraq, Chad, Bosnia, Ghana, Sudan, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Belarus, Yemen and the Dominican Republic. Our micro-enterprise endeavors include fabric and textile arts, home goods, jewelry making, painting and woodcarving.